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YOUR MOORs’ App (Lovingly Made by ACTIVE Moors For The Benifit of Moors) contains and makes handily available a plethoric treasure trove of valuable resources for Aboriginal and Indigenous Moorish American’s (of every tribe). Truly an App a Moor should never leave home without! The REAL Moorish App IS NOT A GAME! It is a serious resource containing now over 20 (and growing) valuable resources to assist Moors seeking self. Do not mistake any other ( FOR PROFIT !!!) Moorish Apps you may find out there for the ONE and “FIRST OF ITS KIND” Moor App which will remains 100% FREE for the benefit of “ALL” Aboriginal and Indigenous Moorish Americans. The Moor App is a Nation Building Resource product produced by proud 100% PROCLAIMED Aboriginal and Indigenous Moorish Americans who DO NOT IDENTIFY THEMSELVES AS "BLACK, NEGRO, AFRICAN AMERICAN or any other derogatory disparaging BRANDS"!


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