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Pakistan's 1st all in one app : Free of charge We do not take any money for using the service. App is free for Vendors and Customers. Cash only No credit cards. Vendor get paid directly with cash. Get hired instantly No credit approval process. No vehicle restrictions. No business restrictions. Start making money as a vendor in one minute! Negotiable pricing Win-win. Vendor can set their prices and offer discounts. Customers can bargain before the ride / service is confirmed. All devices supported Works on iOS, Android, Mac, Web. Based on the app. Battery / Data friendly With no GPS tracking goes easy on your phone’s battery and Internet Data. Simple and minimalistic UI is implemented based on our app. The “Rab” app that lets you hire Riksha , Taxi , Motor Cycle rides, Small and big Cargo Trucks, Private Cars, Grocery boy, General Labor worker etc. within your neighborhood (** 1 to 50 km radius) , any time anywhere. The app lets buyers pay directly to small vendors and allows everyone happy who is struggling in their daily bread and butter. RAB is a customer friendly app without any hassles. Its Free We (Don’t charge any commission, Fee and Cuts). Our Goal is to provide an opportunity for small vendors who are struggling in this era of corporate & materialism. Respect for those who earn their own bread by working & instead asking for free stuff! Help them Hire them for your daily commute to small grocery needs.


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