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A universe in your pocket! Using practices that enable altered states of consciousness - Envisioning, Embodiment, and Enchantment - this beautifully presented app will guide you to explore different aspects of your own psyche and the collective consciousness. It includes over 30 hours of beautiful music and audio instruction to guide you in a process that will last you a lifetime. The Sacred Blueprint is Qabalah/Kabala/Tree of Life wisdom that has been re-visioned, re-worked, and re-presented in its original perfect form - free from any religion and dogma. It is a map - each point on your journey will guide you to personal inspiration and profound revelation. It is a reverent practice dedicated to revealing your original perfect state as a reflection of the Qualities of nature and the universe. It includes meditations and explorations that guide you on journeys through your inner landscapes, the outer cosmos, and the collective consciousness. The Sacred Blueprint is an atheist mysticism that celebrates YOU exactly as you are. There’s nothing to change - there are no rules or dogma. There’s nothing to believe in - no gods, no priests, or shamans. The inner wisdom you discover will be your sacred text. Your own experience will be your guru. It is a programme for self-realisation.


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