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THROGA: 7 DIMENSIONS OF SINGING If you can talk, you can sing! We believe in celebrating the vocal qualities that makes us all unique, while working hard to improve our skills to achieve a healthy, strong and well-balanced instrument. This philosophy has led THROGA (throat-yoga) to be one of the fastest growing vocal training methods in the world, with vocalists applying its techniques in over 100 countries around the globe. Whether an aspiring singer, touring artist, public speaker, actor or educator, THROGA can lead a vocalist to their full potential. App features include: - THROGA TOOLS: Reference guide to the 7 Dimensions of Singing and THROGA Guidelines to maximize your vocal practice time. - VIDEO LESSONS: The complete collection of THROGA Thursday videos, full of vocal tips, lessons and exercises. - PRACTICE SCALES: Various piano patterns to vocalize with when warming-up and training your voice. - CERTIFIED TEACHERS: Directory of current teachers who are THROGA Certified and available for private lessons both online and in-person. - 7DS Book Exercises: Vocal exercises referenced in the upcoming book, THROGA (7 Dimensions of Singing). - EVENTS: List of THROGA events, workshops and product releases. - VOCAL SUPPORT: Ask our experts any vocal related questions you may have and share with the community.


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