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It's YOUR Move Jax In Real estate- it doesn’t matter whether you are looking to buy or sell a home for $50,000 or $500,000. You are a customer looking to find a place to call HOME! What DOES matter is that you find someone who understands this, and YOU! Someone who will work with your constraints, your ideas, your wants and needs. A realtor that can take all of those things- and help you get to your realty reality! I would love to be that realtor for you! Whether you want to buy land and build on your lot, do new construction in a development or buy or sell an existing home, I will work hard to get you where you need to be. MY #1 incentive is for a happy customer… end of story! A little bit about me. I was born and raised in Maine (yes… it’s COLD there) and I moved to Jacksonville with my husband and my two wonderful children. We have grown to love it here (especially the weather… did I say Maine was cold?) However, our oldest child plays ice hockey (Go Racers!).Our youngest child does figure skating! So at least when it’s HOT here we are in an ice rink cooling off! Relocation certainly has its challenges on the entire family. Schools, communities, lifestyles changes (not to mention much more traffic) are all concerns when moving a family. Going through it first-hand has certainly been beneficial for my customers. I get the stress, the worries, the concerns and trying to make it all work! Let me help take some of that stress off you – and get you settled in a HOME! My customers are my family- if you have questions, or just want to chat about possibilities. Please reach out to me any time - day or night! Call/Text/Email- I do it all. It's YOUR Move- make it a great one!


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