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Welcome to TURDS your World Registry for Dishonest People, I think everyone would agree that we have way to many dishonest people in this world, reason why these people know nothing is going to happen to them, until now. TURDS app allows users to upload photos, with descriptions of what that dishonest person did to them, once the user completes the posting, that dishonest person will become an official TURD registered with our World Registry of Dishonest People where they will remain for LIFE or until they make it right. By all of us working together we can build the largest network of dishonest TURDS this world has ever seen, we finally have a chance to get back that $20 bucks we loaned out that never got returned, warn others about that cheating ex boyfriend or girlfriend, let everybody know about that disrespectful police officer that stopped us today. Here at TURDS, we would like to say thank you to all the honest people out there, as for all the dishonest people………you can run but you cant hide anymore! TURDS, keeping the world honest, one TURD at a time… * OUR MISSION * We feel that values are the most important part of who we are. Without them we’d be nothing. In the past you learned values by two ways, being told or getting your butt whipped. Today’s world is very different from then, from parenting, to the internet, it’s all changed, the one thing that hasn't changed……. is VALUES. People changed and nobody wants to say hey “stop it, that’s wrong” that is how you learn it or remember what you learned. Now you don’t have to worry about saying anything to them, TURDS is here! We will embarrass them for you and put them in the spot light and let the nation know what they did to you. They will be registered on our National Registry of Dishonest People for life or until they make it right. People have to be told when they do something wrong, that’s how you learn it or remember what you learned. TURDS Keeping the honest honest, one TURD at a time. ***** New Features Added ***** * TURDS Radius Map. * Alerts that will let you know if a new TURD moves into your area. * plus much much more to come…. ***** COMING SOON FEATURES ***** *Automatic image overlay. ( a variety of different images to place over your TURDS photo). * The TURDS Game. ***** I would like to Thank The Following ***** * Mom * My Boy * My other half :) * The rest of Family * Eric Hill * Jeffrey Hunt * Peter Metchikoff * Fuafiva Tupuola * Tiare Tavui * Michael L. Dabbs * Sherrie Kam * Wael * David * Slomo * Dean * Shaun * Goodbarber * Appypie...:) * Google Play ( for giving people an opportunity to create and share great apps ) * and of course all you TURDS that past through my life, If it wasn't for you Stinking TURDS I might not have came up with the idea of a World Registry for Dishonest People. * and everybody else that I didn't mention. I truly Thank all of you for your support, especially my brother for making sure my fridge always had food in it...:) LOVE YA ------> :)


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