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Utility Connect Provides a Simple Yet Complimentary Solution for Setting Up Various Utility & Home Services. Realtors and other leasing professionals often help homeowners and renters set up various services for their new home. Utility Connect offers a simple solution for setting up not only utilities, but also home services including security, insurance, cleaning services, lawn care, and more. The service is complimentary, and allows the experience of renting and home buying to be vastly improved. When a request is submitted, there is a needs assessment completed. The concierge will then provide assistance from start to finish. The first role of the concierge will be to determine all of the services available at the client’s new address. They will then help find deals and promotions in your area from available providers. The client will have the ability to pick and choose between the different services, as well as enrolling with the different companies. An assigned concierge will handle all enrollments, allowing the client to focus on their move. Bill Negotiator is a new service that has also been offered by Utility Connect. Many renters and homeowners have no plans to move. However, they believe they are paying too much for their utilities or other home services. The Bill Negotiator service allows people to snap and upload photos of their current bills. The Bill Negotiation team will then begin negotiations on your behalf to save you money. Utility Connects service is completely free for renters and homeowners to use. It is particularly beneficial to realtors and leasing professionals as a way of increasing the level of service provided to their clients. Many clients are new to an area, and don’t know about the various services that are offered, or provides that offer them. This service provides individuals with the ease of connecting their utilities and learning more about the home services available. Additionally, the goal is to save every client time and money and allow them to focus on their move.


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