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Description: Have you ever made this wish, 'I wished they delivered!'? Wish no more, there's 'Tha Dood' for that! We Deliver Dood (Drivers Out On Demand) app lets you order whatever you want whenever you want it on-demand! From the best restaurants to your favorite stores in your city, you can have whatever you want delivered with in 45-60 mins. Our mobile waiters work directly out of the neighborhoods they live in to better optimize our services and customer service goals. Shop Local, Live Local, Give Local, it's just what we do! Don't waste your time, employ ours, We Deliver Dood. Imagine having a service that delivers from places that don’t even offer delivery themselves! Imagine having a friend in the neighborhood that at any given moment would drop everything and go get you what you want and or need on-demand! There's 'Tha Dood' for that and there's an app too! The We Deliver Dood App is your ultimate mobile experience so effortless and simply, just tap a button and food, booze, electronics, prescriptions, and the coolest retail items arrive at your door in minutes. We also give intoxicated pedestrisans free rides home from the bars, restaurants, hotels, casions, and alcohol infused establishments that We Deliver to and from 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! WeDeliverDood.net is the nation's leading online and mobile food & product delivery company dedicated to connecting local communities with local restaurants and local businesses. Our motto is 'Shop Local, Live Local, Give Local'! We Deliver with timing, integrity and ethics, it's simply the standards in which our online and mobile ordering platforms operate. We enable customers to order directly from approximately 130,000 local restaurants and businesses in the U.S. Every order is supported by our 24/7 customer service hotline. WeDeliverDood.net has offices in Iowa, Nevada, California and many more cities to come. We Deliver from any local brick & mortar in town whether you’re at the office, home, casino or hotel! The businesses in this APP are actively giving back and showing their social responsibility through their sponsorship and partnership with The Bow Tie Program! Founder: Edgar L. Haynes Jr. Founded: 2009 Mission is: We plan on putting We Deliver on every brick & mortar in the world! We will continue to provide a service that gets people what they want when they want it on-demand! We will enable men and woman to take part in the everyday entrepreneurial endeavor and help gain and build local economic prosperity through business ownership. Vision: We will Shop Local, Live Local, and Give Local! We will get people what they want when they want it on-demand! We will rebuild our local communities one day at a time! Don't Waste Your Time, Employ Ours! We Deliver Dood Philanthropy: Not only do We Deliver your favorite restaurant meals and products to your home, office and hotel room door but we also save lives daily! We give intoxicated pedestrians FREE rides home from the bars, restaurants, hotels, casinos, and alcohol infused establishments that We Deliver to and from! Just call ‘THA DOOD’ 1-855-THA-DOOD (842-3663) or visit www.WeDeliverDood.net. You can reach us 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Don’t Waste Your Time, Employ Ours… We Deliver Dood! Attention Schools, Sports Team, Religious & Civic Groups: Tha Dood Dining, Coupon & Menu Guide makes an exceptional fundraiser because our cause is so much greater than advertising & marketing for local businesses, we actual save lives! EARN THOUSANDS of dollars in as little as two weeks for your fundraiser and or social event! Shop Local, Live Local, Give Local - SAVE A LIFE TODAY BY DONATING $10 to iRide-uRide at www.gofundme.com/iRideuRideLasVegas.


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