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Now Wildfire Radio is everywhere you are! Listen to all of your favorite shows live or on-demand, live chat with on-air talent and fellow listeners, call into a show instantly, easily access our schedule, and more all at the touch of your screen. Whether you're a fan of Big Daddy Graham's Throwdown, Bar Talk with Glen Macnow, Vinnie the Crumb or any of our other awesome, original shows, this app is far and away the best way to listen and stay on top the latest content. FEATURES: We've built in the use of background audio so you can listen to Wildfire content while browsing the internet or playing your favorite game. All of our in-app content is optimized for limited data consumption while delivering the highest possible sound quality. Crystal clear, high fidelity with limited data usage. Our live chat utilizes social media login technology that allows you to begin sharing immediately. Call in to your favorite shows, live as they air with only a quick tap. It's never been easier to voice your opinion on Wildfire Radio. Share the content that matters to you with our integrated social share function. Keep up to date with our live schedule calendar. Stay on top of new episodes with custom push notifications, per show. Share and discover Wildfire Radio like never before and, as always, thank you for your support.


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