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WLNL delivers very special programming to your ears. Most people think of radio as being "free" and just don't stop to realize the high costs involved. WLNL depends on three revenue streams; listener donations, advertising and programs. LISTENER DONATIONS Those who listen to this station also provide its financial base. It is the good-hearted and generous people of the Twin Tiers who should be credited with the long-standing success of WLNL. Without the regular support of people like you, the station would not have been able to continue for the past 24 years. Donations are always needed and always appreciated! WLNL conducts a SHARATHON twice each year to raise support. As a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation, Trinity Media, Ltd., WLNL's parent organization is able to provide tax-deductible credit to donors. ADVERTISING The management at WLNL has to be finicky about who advertises with us. Our listeners and our content demand that we screen out many of the most lucrative, revenue-producing advertisers and products available--ones that other radio stations depend as their greatest revenue producers. Most of the fine businesses you hear advertising on this station have been airing their commercial spots with us for years. They have discovered what a wise advertising choice AM 1000 is. If you think WLNL is a match for your business, send an email to our sales department by visiting the Contact Us page on this website and filling out the form. WLNL has been serving the Central Southern Tier of New York and the Central Northern Tier of Pennsylvania since 1988. From sunrise to sunset WLNL AM 1000 is the areas premier source of localized Christian and family programming. Be sure to tell all of your friends that you have found a home at WLNL!


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