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About the YogaBellies for Pregnancy App This is the ultimate app for all women who want to enjoy YogaBellies for Pregnancy! Who is the app for? This app is perfect for anyone who is pregnant and wants to stay fit, healthy and focused during pregnancy and birth. This app is suitable throughout pregnancy and for all levels of yoga practice, even complete newbies. It works well alone and as an accompaniment to YogaBellies for Pregnancy classes. This app will: Make sure that you and baby are safe, by telling you everything you need to know about yoga and exercise during pregnancy and about returning to your practice after birth Help you stay fit, strong and emotionally balanced through pregnancy, birth and beyond Provide easy to follow YogaBellies for Pregnancy routines for your entire pregnancy; Provide you with deep relaxation for pregnancy tools; Teach you breathing techniques for pregnancy and birth; Ensure that you and your baby are healthy and well, by providing you with a month by month, nutritious eating plan; Your In App Options THE FREE YOGABELLIES FOR PREGNANCY APP Get free YogaBellies for Pregnancy DVD clips to try, access to our extensive blog and articles, mama tools and more. YOU CAN ALSO UPGRADE YOUR APP TO INCLUDE: * YogaBellies for Pregnancy book by YogaBellies founder, Cheryl MacDonald, to read directly from your smart phone or tablet; * The complete YogaBellies for Pregnancy DVD download to watch from your device. Perfect for mamas on the go! * The Birth ROCKS book, by YogaBellies founder Cheryl MacDonald. You can buy each item individually or as a complete package by accessing IN APP UPGRADES.


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