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Z Med Clinic Appointments & Medical Consultation Z Med Clinic App lets you communicate with your Z Med clinic and provider with ease!If you have any medical issues or concerns that need to be taken care of, the Z Med Clinic is here to help you out! Virtual communication with your Z MED CLINIC clinic and provider has never been easier. With this incredible medical app now you can find nearby clinics, communicate and inform yourself anytime you have medical concerns. SCHEDULING APPOINTMENTS Z Med Clinic lets you schedule an appointment with our medical providers within seconds. All you have to do is open the menu, tap Appointment, view free dates and schedule one when you like. You can also check out and explore all the services we provide – we are a well established medical practice with clinics in several different locations and one of the best clinics that provide medical support and health relief for the whole community. LOCATING NEARBY CLINICS Our patients always come first, so that’s why with our app you can easily find your nearest clinic and see the exact spot on the integrated map. VIRTUAL COMMUNICATION This app allows you to virtually communicate with your Z MED CLINIC clinic and provider regarding any medical issues of yours. With it, you can contact your nearest clinic by phone and e-mail and read Franchise FAQ (own your own Z MED CLINIC!). INTUITIVE & EASY TO USE You don’t need to be tech savvy to make perfect use of Z Med Clinic. With its carefully designed user interface and intuitive touch controls, Z Med Clinic is incredibly easy to use the app for anyone. It has a well-packed menu, organized and accessible features and eye-pleasing graphics. SOCIAL MEDIA Always have access to all social media platforms of all our clinics, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. Interact with us; we are social too. Z MED CLINIC STANDOUT FEATURES • Intuitive UI and great design • 24/7 virtual communication with your health provider • Schedule an Appointment • Locate your nearest clinic with a map • Explore our medical services • Shop supplements, save your information for future purchases • Have access to all social media platforms of all our clinics (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.) • Read Franchise FAQ (own your own Z MED CLINIC!) • Contact your nearest clinic by phone or e-mail • Designed for both iPhone and iPad • FREE of charge Take care of your medical issues or concerns, communicate with your Z MED CLINIC and health provider 24/7! Get Z Med Clinic app for free today!


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